Feb 16

First off, let me say that there is not an original thought in any of this code, since it has all been taken from a number of different articles out on the Internet. The Daemonizing code was taken from the Active State Code Recipes area.

One of my customers has a number of database servers that we would like to monitor and see what the state of the clusters are. The problem is that the clustat command — that used to be run-able by everyone in a lesser version of RHEL — is now only usable by root in RHEL v5.3!. Not wanting to give out root access to everyone, we decided that a quick little custom server that provided the output of the clustat command in XML format would do the trick. Then I just wrote a Ruby program to query all the Clustat XML servers and display the results in a readable format. If there is enough interest, I can post a public version of that program.

Here’s the code: Continue reading »

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