Unlike a lot of other people I know, I don’t seem to have the issue of not knowing what to say about one’s self, or rather, I don’t have any problem coming up with tons of verbage to describe myself or the things I do….is that conceited? I hope not. Most people that know me never use the word ‘conceited”….at least not when I am within ear-shot.

There are a number of things I could say about myself, but posting it all up here in the Internet is kind of an invitation to have it abused, so while I am willing to divulge a bit about myself, its not going to be a lot of things that could be used to assume my identity, or to walk up to me an pretend you are my long lost playground buddy (and you couldn’t fool me anyway…I never forget a face!)

I am a gadget guy….I love to try out new technology and get my hands into the guts of technology. I’m almost always ahead of the ‘Early Adaptors’…’Bleeding Edge’ may be more apropos. I have several servers hidden away in my secret laboratory that do everything from turn my house lights on and off to make my Tea in the morning. I have a linux-based
PBX that runs all my phones…business and personal, I have a large experimental spam-filtering EMail server to manage all my email accounts, and my own extensive intranet that I built with things like a links database and personal todo lists.

I am a published author. Most of my writing was done BK (those of you who are married with kids might already know this acronym: BK => Before Kids), but now that the kids are old enough to take care of themselves, I get to write a bit more. My published writings to date are part of a PC Networking book and several technical articles. Now that Blogs are here, I
plan on doing a lot more writing. I am easy to get along with. Too easy sometimes. I have a very thick skin (which comes in very handy when out selling technology solutions) and do not mentally bruise easily. If you have seen some of my roommates when I had roommates,

you would say that I can live with just about anyone. It was good experience when I had 2 year-old kids in the house throwing 2 year-old tantrums.

Aikido is something that I would like to do more of. I have taken a number of martial arts; Karate, Kendo, Judo, and Ki-Aikido….and of those, I find Aikido to be the most exciting and most rewarding. It is purely a self-defense martial art…there are no attacks, only defensive moves. It is also a very spiritual martial art in that there is a great deal of philosophy about how one should live their life. It focuses on harmony with nature/The Universe, with turning an attack into moving with your attacker in the same direction.

The Way of Aikido: Life Lessons from an American Sensei
by George Leonard
is a great book to read on the subject. There is a web site –  Aikido Kokikai of Rochester – that I found is a good place to start learning more about Aikido. The local Dojo that I go to is Aikido Academy of Redmond, as does my son (He outranks me by several belts!)


This section happens to be an inventory of a number of attributes that make up who I am. I’m not sure if I’m putting it up here more for you the reader, or me, but I needed to put it up somewhere on the web where those who know me could peruse and see if they agree with my own assessment or not.

Problem Solver

Nothing sticks in my craw worse than a technical problem that is unsolved. I love to debug and tinker with computers/electronics/radios till I get the desired results. I’ve been known to go for days on end trying to resolve a problem … long past when I should have given up on it. Which leads to…

St. Patience

It have been remarked on many many occasions that I “have the patience of a saint!” Not sure why, but I do seem to have a large amount of patience with both technology and people. Handy with raising two kids by yourself or debugging lots of code.


I love working with cool and unusual gadgets. I also like to build gadgets of sorts. My workbench is filled with electronic projects that most would classify as junk, but I know them as gadgets.


When sitting between two groups of people, it always seems that I’m the only one that understands where the other side is coming from. There have been many occasions that I have had to be the ‘interrupter’ to help one side understand the other.

Not prone to Panic

When the 2001 Nisqually earthquake struck Seattle, I was sitting at my desk reading Email. Our building pretty much sat on a marsh, so we really were rocking and rolling. People were crying, running screaming down the hall, crawling under desks, you name it. …I was the guy who was mesmerized watching the actual waves roll down the hall through the building and the pencils moving back and forth on the desktop. In other more immediate life and death situation in the past, I always seem to act with a clarity of thought and purpose while others about me could only scream about how we were all gonna die. ….or maybe I’m just too dumb to know that I really *should* be panicking :)


Maybe this goes with the last point, but I don’t really get uptight about a lot of stuff….at least not openly.


I grew up on a small sorta-farm (we had animals and grew crops, but didn’t sell any) with not alot of other kids around, so I had to be pretty imaginative to entertain myself most of the time. I’ve always like to write stories and create role-playing game campaigns.

Jack of all Trades

I know a little bit about a whole bunch of stuff. People don’t like to play Trivial Pursuit with me, as I usually do quite well (although I suck at the Hollywood and Literature categories). Having worked with radios/electronics/computers since 1973, I’ve had a chance to mess with a whole lot of technology over the years, and as a consequence I can draw on a lot of
past technical experience to solve current technical troubles.

Talking at Your Level

This might also be connected with ‘Empathic’ above, but I seem to have the ability to talk bits and bytes with the engineers, and then walk into the board room and discuss value-added solutions and distributed revenue chains with the executives. Its been remarked that I have a knack for explaining very technical subject to people in a way that they can understand it.

…And more when I get around to adding the rest.