Jan 02

I finally managed to pick the right folks this year to dominate my Fantasy Football league this year. I ended up 13-1, and only lost that one game by 2 points, since I was on the road that week and didn’t rotate out an IA player. The second place team ended up with a 10-4 record. I did have a stroke of luck when I found Cam Newton in the ranks of QB and picked him up as a second QB behind Aaron Rodgers on week 2… right before Cam moved up to starting QB.

Mossybacks are Champs!

Hopefully next year I’ll be just as lucky :)

Happy New Year everyone!!

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May 22

Black Cat Systems sells a number of radiation meters that will capture and measure all kinds of radiation (Alpha, Beta, Gama, X-Ray, etc.). I bought one of these several years ago and recently unearthed it from my Pile of Forgotten Electronic Projects and hooked it up to one of my computers. The software that comes with it allows for an ftp upload, so I set it all up and its now uploading its readings to the RadMeter page every five minutes or so. Now you too can see if I’m living under fallout or not :)

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Mar 09

My friendly oil change person taught me the trick to resetting my oil change light on my 2007 Saturn VUE:

  • 1. Turn the ignition on
  • 2. Press the gas pedal all the way down three times
  • 3. The Oil Change light and the Airbag light will alternately blink for about 15-20 seconds, then go out.
  • 4. Turn the car off.
  • When you turn the car back on, the Oil Change light will stop coming on.

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